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MidnightBSD is available on Amazon Web Services. On the marketplace, you can use the MidnightBSD 0.8.6 release.  A newer version was submitted to Amazon, but not approved yet. 


ReleaseRegionAMIInstance Types
1.2 amd64US-EAST-1ami-0c57b4149ffb5d551t2, m4
0.8.6 amd64US-EAST-1ami-ce8369b3t2, m4

MidnightBSD does not currently support ENA interfaces as of 1.2.x. This limits you to older instance types currently. 


  • Requires at least 10GB of disk space.  Ideally you should do around 25GB to leave room for growth, software installation and checking out mports and src as needed. 
  • MidnightBSD been run on instances as small as a t2.nano.  We recommend at least a t2.micro though. 

Setting up IPv6

Install the dual-dhclient from mports. It will also install the ISC DHCP client which is needed for IPv6.  Make sure it's built with IPv6 support!!!!

Make sure your /etc/rc.conf has the following:

ifconfig_DEFAULT="SYNCDHCP accept_rtadv"
# EC2 uses DHCP; the network interface appears as xn0.

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